• Along a seventy-mile stretch of Mexico's Pacific shore, four towns include seemingly every stripe of simpatico beach getaway. Surfing, ecotourism, hippie chic, and luxe family all coexist—and, blessedly, without any crowds.

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  • Huatulco's appeal comes not just from its location on the shores of the Pacific, but also from its weather. The area boasts 320 to 340 days of sunshine a year and an annual temperature of 28 degrees Celsius (82 F).

  • Huatulco attracts its visitors with nine bays, 36 beaches and an average year-round temperature of about 80 degrees. By offering bird-watching, coffee plantation tours, live music and Oaxacan cuisine, it is becoming a haven for those seeking a diverse yet relaxing experience.

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  • Trip Advisor Honors Huatulco with the #6 position on its 2010 List of Top 10 Beach & Sun Destinations in the World.

  • Huatulco stretches 22 miles along nine bays between the Coyula and Copalita rivers. It lies about 300 miles east of Acapulo, but there are no bunched-up high-rise hotel strips to mar the scenery, just soft sands, clear ocean, striking cliffs and dense forest.

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Regions Of Huatulco

Huatulco, Mexico consists of 9 Bays and 36 Beaches! The general area is divided into multiple regions described below.

Huatulco Map

La Bocana | Tangolunda Bay | Camino Real Zaashila | Santa Cruz | Chahue | Arrocito | Conejos | Salchi | El Faro | La Crucecita | Sector O & N

/// La Bocana

  • When you are in La Bocana, you are always near the beach. Simply walk out the door and you will be steps from the waves crashing on the sand.

This region is best known for it's great surf! After surfers discovered this region and started competing here in 2003, its popularity has grown tremendously. La Bocana beach is about a 15 minute drive east of Santa Cruz (10 minutes from Tangolunda) and costs about $6-8 for a taxi ride from the resort area.

Click here for more information on the La Bocana Region


/// Tangolunda Bay

  • The swimming conditions in this bay vary. In some areas you will find protected coves (mainly in resort areas) where the beach is sheltered from the waves.

This is one of the most popular and well known bays in Huatulco mainly due to the fact that almost all the luxury resorts, such as Camino Real, reside on this bay. Although most of its beaches are owned by the resort properties, there is public access that will bring you down to the Tangolunda beachfront.

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/// Camino Real Zaashila

  • Off of one of the Las Brisas beachfronts, there is a live reef where you can snorkel to. The resort offers all the necessary equipment to snorkel around the bay.

This hotel is profiled as its own region because of its unique set-up and offering to travelers. Including both regular hotel rooms and suites as well as private condo/villa rentals - the variety and cost of accommodations at this resort stand alone in the luxury resort category.

Click here for more information on the Camino Real Zaashila Region


/// Santa Cruz

  • The Santa Cruz beach (Playa Santa Cruz) greets many beach lovers looking to improve their tans. It is often a busy spot due to its proximity to popular tourist spots and the marinas.

This region is home to many great tourist spots including marinas, shops, the local artisan market, restaurants, etc. Santa Cruz houses one of the main marinas (from which many of the boat tours leave) as well as the harbor where cruise ships dock.

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/// Chahue

  • The areas popular beach – Playa Chahue – offers two beach clubs located next to one another, Castillo and Club Playa de Chahue.

This bay resides about a mile from Cruceccita and Santa Cruz and offers accessibility to restaurants, hotels, and a few bars. This 2000 foot stretch of beach offers moderate swimming conditions likely best for experienced swimmers (like many of Huatulco's beachfronts). At the end of the eastern stretch of this beach, you'll find a marina where many of the region's boaters showcase their prized yachts.

Click here for more information on the Chahue Region


/// Arrocito

  • Located between Tangolunda Bay and Chahue this upscale neighborhood is home to one of the nicest beaches in the area.

Located east of the central Tangolunda region, Arrocito beach offers 300 feet of beachfront and a safe swimming area with small waves and shallower depths. In short, this area provides access to the best ocean swimming conditions in Huatulco.

Click here for more information on the Arrocito Region

/// Conejos

  • The residential area has direct access to the smallest of the bay's four beaches called Tejoncito. The beach itself is quite beautiful, although getting there and back entails a strenuous trek up and down a steep staircase.

Conejos Bay includes four beaches: Arena, Ounta Arenas, Conejos and Tejoncito. This bay is very peaceful and is often free of crowds. Located two miles east of Tangolunda Bay, only five to ten minutes by taxi, it offers accessibility to the towns and resorts without being in the middle of it all.

Click here for more information on the Conejos Region


/// Salchi

  • Once here visitors may take a walk down the hillside and along a dirt road to gain access to a private and secluded beachfront.

This is one area you won't be able to easily find information on. It is truly off the beaten path and if it were up to the villa owners in this region, it would certainly remain this way.

Click here for more information on the Salchi Region

/// El Faro

  • There is nothing like stretching out or strolling down a peaceful beach under the light of the moon. In El Faro you will find ideal conditions to see millions of stars in the night time sky.

Describing the experience of El Faro is challenging with just words as it offers such a richly sensorial experience. Driving to the region takes less than 10 minutes from the main resort areas or the town of Santa Cruz.

Click here for more information on the El Faro Region


/// La Crucecita

  • When you stay in La Crucecita you are really in the center of it all. There are plenty of villas and condos for rent in the area.

Located away from the ocean, a little northeast of Santa Cruz is La Crucecita, a charming area known as "town". Centered around the main square or "zocalo" are a number of awesome restaurants, shops as well as the beautiful church, Parroquia de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe.

Click here for more information on the La Crucecita Region

/// Sector O & Sector N

  • The water is incredibly calm at Playa Entraga making it very safe for small children and a great place for some family fun.

These two sectors are located next to one another a little northeast of Chahue. Both sectors are almost strictly for residential development and construction is still underway as of March 2012. As it stands now, Sector O is further along than Sector N with the majority of the lots already sold. Many lots feature jungle views and a relatively private atmosphere.

Click here for more information on the Sector O & Sector N Regions


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